Selling your Colorado Springs Area Home?


Most people have the majority of their financial livelihood tied into their home. When you decide it’s time to move on to a new home there is an extensive amount of consideration and effort. Where will you live next? How long will it take to sell your home? How much is your home worth? With the ever changing real estate marketplace, these answers can vary greatly. Determining the best answers to these questions is best accomplished with the help of a seasoned real estate expert with a solid knowledge of the local market conditions. By utilizing the correct marketing and pricing strategies, we can ensure the sale of your home for highest price in a reasonable amount of time.

By focusing on the key elements of the process with our team including Pricing Strategy, the Features and Condition of your home, and the best way to make people aware of your home, we can help to reduce your homes time on market while maximizing your sale price. Our Team will take the time to understand your homes best selling attributes and maximize them in your listing so your home will sell quickly.

Pricing Strategy- Everyone wants to get as much as possible in the sale of their home. During the time you have owned the home, you have made a huge financial investment into your house to make it your home. Many sellers want to start at a higher than market listing price in order to see if they can find a buyer willing to pay their desired asking price and then reduce the price over time. Though this strategy makes logical sense, it can be devastating to the final sales price of the home. Over priced listings are ignored and a house listed for an extensive period can be considered “stale”. This leads to added days on market as the Real Estate Agent population avoids the home fearing that something must be “wrong” with the home for it to have been listed for so long. The correct pricing strategy involves carefully considering the competitive homes in the area and looking closely at the recent comparable sales. When you list your home with us, we’ll assist you in looking at a number of variables and working together to find a purchase price that your needs and is in line with the market today. Since the market changes rapidly, we’ll also provide market reports on a regular basis to determine if our pricing strategy is still accurate for the current market conditions. A recent statistic from the National Association of Realtors shows that 35% of homes sell within 60 days of being listed. By employing a market educated pricing strategy, we will help you get the best price possible while keeping the time on market as low as possible.

Marketing Plan- To sell your home people need to see it. There are thousands of homes to choose from and in this market buyers are more savvy and picky than they have been in the past. As a result our marketing plan will involve an aggressive technology focused approach to getting your home the exposure it needs get in front of buyers who are looking for a home like yours. The sad reality is that most agents will simply add some pictures to your MLS listing and wait for another agent to bring a buyer. Today people look for primarily on the internet. This means that your home must have an extensive internet presence in order to be found by potential buyers. We take the marketing of your to a Web 2.0 level. We start with a video of your home that post to YouTube so buyers can tour your property from their computer. From there we add tools like QR Codes, Property Specific Websites, Featured listings on the highest trafficked real estate websites, automated phone listing information systems, and Facebook Listing posting system. In the end, our team will insure that we are using all of the cutting edge of Real Estate Technology to give your home the most market exposure and increasing the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale.

Your Real Estate Team – When you choose the Integrity Real Estate Team we understand and are proud that you chose to use our expertise to sell what may be your most expensive asset. Our team is proud of our technology that we use to market your home and we are equally as proud of our communication with our listings owners. By keeping you informed about the process of selling your home we aim to reduce your anxiety throughout the sales process. When surveyed, most home sellers said their leading complaint was lack of communication from their real estate agent. We guarantee that you will be kept in the loop throughout your sales process. We have online showing reports that will allow you to see your showings and the feedback from the showings.

Features and Condition – Homebuyers have substantially more options and information available to them than they ever had in the past. It’s important to have your home in the best condition possible and to effectively market the features that make your home stand out. If you remember being overwhelmed by the beautiful Pikes Peak View from your master bedroom or if your landscaping has all of your neighbors green with envy, your listing needs to have these features promoted. We’’ sit down with you and determine the best features of your home that separates it from all of the other homes on the market and then we’ll promote those features. Don’t let your home get lost in the crowd. Every home has something special about it. We’ll help make that special feature apparent to potential buyers that are looking for a home to “speak” to them.

The Integrity Real Estate Team is comprised of real estate experts that are well versed in the real estate sales process. Our buyer marketing system generates over 300 inquires a month from buyers thatmay be looking for a home just like yours.  List your home with The Integrity Team today and we’ll utilize our buyer pool, our marketing systems, and our extensive network to help you to move your home quickly in this buyer’s market. Contact us today at 719-344-2410 and we’ll make selling your home easier than you thought was possible.